A training session was organised for teachers and students of Nasra School Saddar Campus on 14th Nov, 2019. The session was conducted by School Eye Health Services, a project of Vision Trust. Ms Sadaf Imam, head of the school, nominated 7 teachers and 4 students at the Saddar Campus to be trained as Master Trainers and Vision Scouts respectively. A total of 9 participants (6 teachers and 3 students) attended the training. Participants were provided with orientation on online training portal, vision screening and database registration.  



  • To train nominated teachers and students of Nasra School Saddar Campus on vision screening as “ Master Trainers” to be able to perform vision screening of school children.
  • To train teachers and students on how to operate the learning portal and database, for learning and data recording purposes respectively.  

·  To raise general eye health awareness among school teachers and students.


Orientation on Online Training Portal

This session was facilitated by Mr Ali Rehan, Event Resource Manager. The training included course methodology, informative section on eye health (normal vision and vision issues in children and adults), practical section on vision screening (both distance and near) and key messages on eye health and feedback form. The participants completed their registration on the portal and developed user ID’s. They also completed quizzes related to each section of the training and their technical queries were addressed by Dr Muhammad Mazhar, who is the Project Head.  

Practical Section on Vision Screening

This session was facilitated by Mrs Fatima Zehra, Program Manager School Eye Health Services. The participants were acquainted with the vision screening methodology through a video lecture and a practical demonstration was also given through a screening kit which includes an E-Card, E-Plastic model, rope for measuring distance and informative brochure. Both distance and near vision screening demonstration was given. The participants also screened each other for practice and better learning.

Database Orientation

This session was facilitated by Mr Tariq, Database Assistant and Mrs Fatima Zehra, Program Manager. Teachers were oriented on how to use software for to register students and record screening data. For better understanding, practical demonstration was given by doing test entries. Teachers were provided with two laptops along with an internet device for data recording purposes.



Training was formally wrapped up after all of these sessions were conducted, with all participants having been equipped with the skills required to screen students for vision issues as well record their data and maintain the database. Miss Nighat Badar was nominated as a focal person for further communication and coordination about registration, screening, examination and other project related work at the school.

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