Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Maintaining good eyesight is often not given as much importance as it should be. Eye health in general is ignored. But eye health can affect more than just your eyes, which is why maintaining good eyesight is important.

Eat foods that are good for eyes

This is the most important for maintaining good eyesight. Eating foods containing nutrients like Vitamin C and E, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids etc will keep your eyes healthy and avoid vision problems. Examples include, green vegetables like spinach and kale, nuts, beans, eggs, citrus fruits, fish etc.

Stay hydrated and sleep well

Drink enough water everyday to keep yourself hydrated and get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Hydration is important to avoid dry eyes which may cause discomfort and sleeping well would ensure that you are not straining your eyes too much.

Wear sunglasses when you go out

Exposure to the sun can damage your eyes due to the harmful UV rays. That is why you should carry sunglasses with you and wear them when you go out into the sun to prevent exposing your eyes to the sun.

Avoid looking at screens for too long

Excessive exposure to device screens such as laptop, cell-phone etc can cause vision problems like blurry vision. Staring at a device screen for too long can also strain your eyes. Minimize exposure and take breaks while using any device.

Regularly visit an eye specialist

This is obvious but regular visits to an eye specialist are essential to maintaining good eyesight. These visits can help detect any vision problems early so that you can get treated promptly. Even if there are no problems, they will provide reassurance. You can also take a vision screening course by Eye health here

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