Objectives of School Eye Health Program

Awareness Program

School Eye Health Services is a project of Vision Trust which aims to raise awareness of eye health by focusing on schools and as a result, provide quality eyecare. Our objectives are as follows:

Spreading Eye Health Awareness

Eye health awareness is one of our most important objectives. It is imperative that awareness of eye health reaches local communities to bring about change from the grassroots level. Local communities tend to be unaware of health programs in general and not just eye health. We aim to create healthy communities that understand and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Creating Workforce

Through our program, we aim to equip teachers and students with the skills necessary to take up the role of  Master Trainers  and Vision Scouts respectively. Schools remain the foremost institutions to promote good eye health practices and help instill healthy habits from a young age. This is also linked to our objective of spreading eye health awareness at the grassroots level.

Screening School Children

For certified Master Trainers and Eye Scouts to screen and test children for any visual impairments. This is a core activity for which nominated teachers and students are trained through sessions conducted by our program.

On Site Secondary Care

To assess children found to have visual impairments for the type and severity of their impairment. They are provided on site care through a testing facility, which also dispenses treatment for impairment by providing glasses and medicines. The aim is to treat the impairment as soon as it is identified to prevent it from causing further damage.

Identify And Refer Children Found In Need of Tertiary Care

We want to ensure that the treatment provided to those with identified visual impairments does not just finish with the on site secondary care but also includes referring them to a tertiary care facility should they require. Hence, we aim to identify children that require tertiary care and refer them for further treatment so as to provide complete care.

Record Keeping And Follow Up

To create a database of those identified with visual impairments for routine follow up. The follow up procedure is to ensure that the impairment is contained and does not cause any further damage.

To Create Data For Research And Development

We aim to use the data from the database for assistance in any eye health programs by the government and NGOs. The data can also be used for research in eye health at healthcare and educational institutes to further improve eye health practices in society.

By fulfilling these objectives, we hope to improve the quality of eye health services provided in the country and reduce the cases of visual impairment that affect the lives of thousands of citizens every year.

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