How to keep your eyes healthy

Eye sight is the most precious among all senses as it allows you to understand the world around you.More than three million people are suffering from different eye diseases in Pakistan. The main reasons of eye diseases include use of contaminated water, dust, smoke and different allergies.Maintaining good eye health is very important to keep them healthy and avoid many conditions which affect your eye. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure healthy eyes :

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes
Your hands carry more germs than any other part of your body. When you rub your eye, these germs are easily transferred and can often result in infections like conjunctivitis.


2. Wash your hands frequently
Washing your hands frequently can help you get rid of the germs which can be transferred on touching your eyes or face.

3. Protect eyes from the sun
Too much exposure to UV light raises the risks of eye diseases, including cataract, growths on the eye, and cancer.Diseases like cataract and eye cancers can take many years to develop, but each time we’re out in the sun without protection we could be adding damage that adds to our risks for these serious disorders.

4. Stay hydrated
When you aren’t getting enough water or are losing too much water due to heat or overexertion, your body starts preserving the fluid. Your eyes and tears are one of the first things to go. This causes dry eye. Dry eyes aren’t a problem just because they are irritating. Your tears and lubrication are essential to maintaining good eye health.Tears and eye moisture clean your eyes and prevent infection.

5. Eat a balanced diet
Looking after your diabetes significantly lowers your risk of developing an eye condition related to diabetes. Good diabetic control can reduce your risk of developing retinopathy or help to stop it from getting worse.


6. Use the 20-20-20 rule
Basically, every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds.

7. Get enough sleep
Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to loss of vision and common eye problems like dryness and spasms. lack of sleep can also cause serious eye diseases.

8. Be physically active
Research indicates that the development of progression of myopia—which many students face—can be reduced or avoided by physical activity.

9.Regular eye exams
You should get your eyes checked every six months. Preventive eye care is critical for spotting problems early as many eye diseases remain pain less until an advanced stage.


It’s never to early to take care of your eyes. Healthy habits and regular eye exams can help you maintain your vision.

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